A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In an all text game like this, the only way it can be made to be fun is having freedom.

Fight, defend, heal or run. Its your choice.

Install instructions

How to play my game: 

1. Download .zip 

2. Extract the zip by right clicking the file in downloads

 3. Delete the original zipped folder for organisation 

4. Open the unzipped folder 

5. Click the .exe application file (Optional: for desktop shortcut)

6. Right click the .exe and copy it (Optional: for desktop shortcut)

7. Go to your desktop screen and right click. Then select the option --> paste shortcut.

 And you are done.


Text Dungeon.zip 162 kB
TextDungeon.apk 23 MB


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I am on windows 7, and if I run the exe file, the game very briefly brings up a window and then just exits. I am not very sure what's going on as there is no error, the game, literally, just exits.

I am not sure why but thanks for downloading anyways a better game is coming soon play that instead

thanks really really much

 Hi, I hope it might be another text-based release, or, if not, I hope you'll please consider some accesssibility features for blind players. If it's a game with music and sounds where you have to move around, then stereo audio cues for objects such as doors. If it's more of a text-based release or roguelike, then a way to play without ascii where it shows coordinates to things instead (door, one north, two east), or door at 20, 21.

thanks for the advice i will work on it after exams